The CNN Freedom project

The CNN Freedom project

Ever heard about trafficking?
But you have definitely heard of slavery. What is slavery “doing” in 21th century, can someone ask. We are thinking that the future is now. Technology is in its best point, societies growing more and more every day, we even are going to colonize a new planet in few years.

While, all these are happening and seeing what the human race has accomplish so far, is very difficult to someone to understand that, one of the most important things in our lives, freedom is not fact for every human being, walking this world.

Nonetheless, some understand about the existence of this problem. CNN (@CNNFreedom) is making a kind of campaign trying to fight modern-day slavery, by aware nations about it with the help of social media, of course. So, with the help of the famous “hashtag” (#), they give the opportunity to everyone to join the cause. #MyFreedomDay, is the hashtag that was made to share ways everyone can make the difference. (

The project of CNN gets so famous that many schools and a lot of individuals from different countries, religious, social status and age. Joined the Freedom day project. A lot of them joined the international project of CNN that will be at his hype at 14th march. Students of all the world send the message of what freedom means for them, via a 30 seconds video.


It’s easy for anyone that wants to stand up and say his opinion.
What means freedom for you?
Is freedom to be up to speak the truth without fear? Or is it to leave your life us you want? But, don’t leave in a world that slavery and trafficking child exist. You can share your opinion by joying the campaign, the project of freedom at Freedom Day 14th March. (

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